This might seem like an odd place to put it but when holding the phone the index finger can easily reach the fingerprint reader and with one touch the phone comes out of standby and unlocks. The Ascend Mate 7 comes out of the box with Android 4. This does make Android a little easier for the layman, and even the seasoned Android vet will get used to it, however it might drive those who like a more minimalistic approach to madness. Huawei has designed elements of the OS to make life easier for one-handed operation.

The Android menu buttons can be shifted to the left or the right and the Huawei keyboard can also be adjusted to make one-handed typing possible. The only real concern is the delay in Android 5.

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Huawei has said that Lollipop will arrive on the Mate 7 in April, but this could be delayed or even cancelled in favour of Android 5. The only real issue is that when the screen brightness is left on auto it was a little too dark; not too dark to use but rather too dark for it to be eye-catching, because when properly lit up this screen is that pleasing to look at. When taking photos with the flash, the Mate 7 leaves the LED flash in the same way it provides a video light when filming.

Think of it as digital foundation. But of course, as with all battery life tests how long it lasts for you comes down to usage. On days with lots of phone calls, messages and browsing the battery lasted between 12 and 14 hours, but when dealing with an average day the Mate 7 was able to handle two full days before begging for a charger.

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A reasonably priced phablet with all the features one needs and a battery life that will handle the demands of everyday life. Share on Facebook. Design Huawei has put some serious thought into the Ascend Mate 7. For its size the Mate 7 is not that heavy, and it's quite easy to forget that you are actually carrying around a 6-inch phablet. However, that's a good thing because it means the price tag is considerably lower. An Antutu score within a stone's throw of the far more expensive Note 4? I'll take it.

Huawei Mate 7 Hands on Review, Camera, Price, Features, Comparison and Overview at MWC 2015

The AnTuTu benchmark score of proved that this mid-range phablet can play ball with theā€¦. Huawei Ascend Mate 7 reviewed: High-end performance, mid-range price.

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Why ABSA is putting digital inclusion front of mind. Regardless if you're viewing pics or videos, using social networks or various applications, editing documents or images or even reading a book, the 5. Whether you play a game or watch a video, even if you have a chat window open, 3 GB of RAM memory in your phone allows you to use more applications at once, without your phone freezing or feeling sluggish. With a 13 MP camera, this phone takes photos and video at a quality similar to a digital photo camera device, the clarity of the image is kept when transferring to a large display.

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