The prices listed on Skyscanner are based on previous flight search data. That means when you click the link to search prices, your new search prices may be different from the first prices you saw. When you actually go to book, prices may change as well. Our take: The best of the bunch. Love it. It also makes a great tool to quickly find cheap alternative routes to your destination, and find cheap flights without a destination in mind. The Kayak Explore tool is made specifically for searching for flights to anywhere.

To find flights on Kayak flights to anywhere, type your departure city and select Anytime. Check out Kayak Explore now.

Skyscanner everywhere search: how to find flights to anywhere in the world

Results show up in a map. You can drag and zoom, making it easy to see airfares to different regions, or even for the entire world at once. Kayak Explore has some fun search filters that let you see only fights by weather, and by things to do golf, gambling, and so on. You can even narrow down results by budget. When you actually go to book, prices may be different. You can use the Kayak Explore map feature by clicking Explore the world on the home screen. Our take.

Very good. See Kayak Explore for yourself now. Google Flights Explore Map is quickly becoming one of our favorite ways to search for affordable flights anywhere in the world. Escape searches searches both Kiwi and Skyscanner for prices. You can search by your departure city to Anywhere in the world, and then see the prices displayed on a map.

You can search by one way or round trip, or by fixed or flexible dates. You can also put in a trip duration from 1 to 31 days. The flexible dates feature is pretty nice, since you can choose months at a time to search, or just a few days, whichever you prefer. The main downside to Escape is that you need to put in a specific departure city, making your search a little less flexible.

I tried Escape out, comparing it to Google Flights, and found that in the three tests I ran, Google flights was able to find a cheaper flight. I also had trouble clicking through to get flight details. That said, there are a few other flight search engines that do a similar job though not nowhere near as well. You can select a Departure airport, and select Anywhere in the To: field.

You can put in a custom date range, which will let you search a week, month, or really any range of dates. You can also select Anytime to find the cheapest flight on any date. You can search return or one way flights. This is helpful to find cheap flights to anywhere from your city. Click here to search with Kiwi. Some days results appeared to be lightning fast, and some days they were frustratingly slow, despite our Internet speed being consistently fast. Like Kayak Explore, FareCompare lets you search for fares to anywhere from a specific departure city.

The problem is that we found FareCompare to be slower, and have less features, than Kayak Explore or Skyscanner. Once you select the airfare that interests you, finding that flight can be awkward as it opens a half dozen windows to other popular sites like Expedia. Momondo has long been a favorite of travel hackers and bloggers, since it seems to be able to search more budget airlines. They now have an Anywhere search, but you need to enter a departure date. Not our favorite way to search flights by date not destination, or well, any other way. Airfarewatchdog is probably the most bare bones of all the search engines that let you find a flight to any destination.

Might be good for email alerts if you want to go to specific place and are just waiting for a good deal. The Mobissimo Activity Search lets you search for fares from a departure city to anywhere, based on the activities you choose. Unfortunately, the Mobissimo Activity Search just brings up a long list of places.

You need to click on each location individually to bring up prices. Our take: Fail. Skyscanner and Kayak Explore , as well as Google Flights Map search, are helpful for getting a general idea of flight costs to different places around the world. You also need to compare hidden airline surcharges like baggage fees and specialty taxes.

Did you like this article? Excellent article. As frugal travelers, we always search for the best price. Even thought some of your above mentioned websites may be better or more versatile than others, to get the best price you always end up checking them all anyhow. Of course versatility in both destination and date will allow you to take advantage of the best deals. Worthwhile searching airports within say kms of both your departure and arrival to see if a better deal exists.

I thought I knew all of the hiding places for low fares, but you out did yourselves.

The Best Flight Alert Sites

Thanks for all of this info! Great article guys. Skyscanner is my go to but I also find fly. Usually I have all 3 open to make sure I get the cheapest fares. Probably worth mentioning that sites like lastminute.

Free Stopovers & Cheap Flights: Get 2 Trips out of 1 | Airwander

I do have to admit though, skyscanner used to be better before. Nowadays, when I select a whole month to a specific destination, all I get are like 3 or 4 days with prices, while the rest are blank. They say that to see the price, you have to click on a specific date. Used to be better…. Great advice guys! I love posts like this. I always learn something new. Skyscanner and ITA my favourite search engine to use for flights.

Great fun! Recently, I booked my flight tickets to Austin TX from Paris through Darjeelin — flight hackers compete during 24hrs to find you the best price or deal. And they actually did! Thanks for sharing all the cheap flight websites! I will definitely use one of these resources when traveling via airplane.

Some great ideas here, which not only apply to people looking to do a rtw trip, but also anyone looking to put together their own 1 or 2 week family vacation. A lot more reading and research goes into using a site like that, but the forums are chalk full of useful information once you sort through it though you need time to do so! Good tips. Thank you for sharing these resources. Comparison websites are a great place to start if you want to get a good travel deal whether it is flights or accommodation. If you are already travelling then the local low cost airlines are a good place to get cheap flights.

If you are travelling in Africa I wrote a post on my personal travel blog about low cost airlines in Africa which I hope you find useful.

If you are looking for an easy way to find cheap flights on your mobile, this would be your best bet. When you put in your departure airport and destination airport, a colorful grid will pop up, visually showing you which days are the cheapest to fly.

I can put in the entire month of July for example, or even the entire year. Since I can be a super flexible flyer, I like being able to search a wide variety of dates and destinations at the same time, as it gives me more ideas on where to go next! If I do find a cheap flight I want to watch, that is when I can set up a price alert right on the site.

It will email me and let me know if that flight goes up in price or down in price. Thrifty Traveler is a great flight alert site for travelers living in the US, but not so much Canada. That is unless you are living close to the border and can cross over to take advantage of cheaper flights! You sign up to their daily newsletter on their website and each day they email you flight deals from across the US. Most of these deals are domestic, with the occasional international flight. When you get to the site and put in your depature airport, it will auto-load all of the sweet deals leaving from that airport in the next year.

You can also toggle to JUST show only those fares that are business class, which is a great feature. Many of the other flight alert sites are only dealing with economy flights, so I like the ability to check what business class deals might be available. Personally, I have not tried their membership, as they primarily focus on flight deals originating from US airports. If you found a new flight alert site we would love to hear about it! Let us know in the comments below. Travel Minimalism Lifestyle Travel News.

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Work With Us Press. This post may have affiliate links, which means we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you! Spread the love. Stalking Google Flights for anomalies and lower than normal airfare prices. Flight Alert Sites. Here are some of the best and easiest flight alert sites to use:. The Best Flight Alert Sites. Airfare Watchdog. Airfare Watchdog allows you to get flight alerts in three different ways:. Premium Account They have a premium account you can try free for 14 days.

The two things I like about the Hopper app are: The colorful date grids. You can easily understand months and months of flight data in a few seconds thanks to the red, yellow and green squares. I also like the tips and hints it gives you along the way. Hopper will let you know if that is a higher than normal price and if past statistics say to wait it out for a better one. Very useful when trying to get the best deal.