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Here's a look at some of the inventive new offerings in camper-trailer-land.

You can also use eDrugSearch. It appears someone finally decided to take a look at the effectiveness and benefits of older diabetes drugs such as metformin compared with newer, more expensive ones such as Avandia. Shari Bolen of Johns Hopkins University studied various medical databases and found relevant studies and two systematic reviews.

According to Reuters: Older drugs controlled blood sugar levels about as well as the thiazolidinediones [Avandia] did.

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There were some differences, however, in other effects. Metformin reduced LDL cholesterol levels, while the other agents appeared to have no effect on cholesterol levels. With the exception of metformin, the drugs generally increased…. In this minute video, Natalie, a lovely Austin, Texas-based nutritionist, discusses how to improve your diet so you can take fewer statins cholesterol drugs like Simvastatin , proton pump inhibitors drugs for heartburn and acid reflux like Nexium and Prilosec and antidepressants Prozac, Zoloft, etc.

We thought it would be of interest to pharma bloggers and others to share a monthly list of the most-searched-for medication prices on eDrugSearch. For a variety of reasons, eDrugSearch. Here are the top 25 drug price searches on eDrugSearch.

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This obviously skews our results. With this caveat, however, we hope that over time our results…. The most searched-for drug on www. Initially approved in November , more than Expect those numbers to continue climbing.

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Last week, the FDA approved the drug as an add-on treatment for adults with major depressive disorder. Site users have an affinity for CanadaDrugs. So take…. With this caveat, however, we…. Since our founding a little over a year ago, eDrugSearch. Why a social network for online drug buyers?

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Prescription drug consumers have shown significant interest in social networks on general health sites, indicating — we think — an unmet demand for a niche community. Drug consumers relish the opportunity to share their experiences with one another.

These individuals are increasingly turning to each other, and other data points on the…. The one caveat we would add is that the FDA should not be your be-all-and-end-all in determining how, where and what to purchase online.

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The stakes are higher with prescription drugs than most other products purchased online, obviously. When you shop at eDrugSearch.

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Finally — pharmaceutical advertising on a budget! Read more here. However, in price Claritin is the clear winner! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A free Advair Diskus coupon is typically downloaded from online and printed-out or cut-out from a coupon booklet provided by your local pharmacy. Regardless of what the Free Advair Diskus coupon does, it is suggested that you conduct proper due diligence to locate Free Advair Diskus coupons before purchasing the drug. By visiting www.

If you are looking to secure the Free Advair Diskus Coupon that offers a free inhaler you must provide your full name, address, e-mail, contact information and fill-out a brief survey. Once you are registered, you will be taken to a page to print out the Free Advair Diskus Coupon. If you are new to the program, you can also print-out Free Advair Diskus coupons that offer one month free.

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Free Advair Diskus Coupon Share. What is the Advair Diskus? Search for:.