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What makes the conversation around duration even trickier is that there are really two types of duration. People commonly confuse the two types. Duration is valuable when you are looking to buy or sell bonds or bond mutual funds on the market. Par value is the face value of a bond. Par value does not change during the term of a bond, no matter market interest rates or bond prices. When people refer to the price of a bond, they are referring to its market value.

Bond Duration

Much like stocks and other securities, the market value of a bond will vary over time and even over the course of a single day. Factors that influence bond prices include market conditions as well as general supply and demand. However, you will still receive the par value of the bond once it reaches maturity. Aggregate Demand, Aggregate Supply, and Equilibrium. Context for Assessing Financial Reporting Quality.

Determining the Tax Base of Assets and Liabilities. Portfolio Expected Return and Variance of Return. Prices and Yields: Conventions for Quotes and Calculations. Pricing of Risk and Computation of Expected Return. Trade and Capital Flows: Restrictions and Agreements. Point and Interval Estimates of the Population Mean. The Relationship between Monetary and Fiscal Policy.

Evaluating Solvency: Leverage and Coverage Ratios. Recognition and Measurement of Current and Deferred Tax. Risk and Return Characteristics of Equity Securities. Remember me.

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Forgot your Password? Back to Log In. Relationship between bond duration and other input parameters Bond parameter Effect on Duration Higher coupon rate Lower Higher yield-to-maturity Lower Longer time-to-maturity Higher for a premium bond. Usually, holds true for a discount bond, but there can be exceptions. Exception: low coupon relative to YTM bond with long maturity. Slide Anything shortcode error: A valid ID has not been provided. Introduction 1. Overview of a Fixed Income Security 2.

Basic Features of a Bond 2. Yield Measures. Legal, Regulatory, and Tax Considerations 3. Bond Indenture 3.

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Legal and Regulatory Considerations 3. Tax Considerations. Principal Repayment Structures 4. Coupon Payment Structures.

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  5. Bonds with Contingency Provisions 5. Callable Bonds 5. Putable Bonds 5. Convertible Bonds. Classification of Fixed-Income Markets 2. Fixed Income Indices 2. Investors in Fixed-Income Securities. Primary and Secondary Bond Markets 3. Primary Bond Markets 3. Secondary Bond Markets.

    Sovereign Bonds. Non-Sovereign Bonds 5. Quasi-Government Bonds 5. Supranational Bonds. Corporate Debt 6. Bank Loans and Syndicated Loans 6. Commercial Paper 6.